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CDS was founded in 1990 as a place where customers could come to have all aspects of their music CD or CD-ROM production handled under one roof. It was our goal to create a friendly, service oriented shop that offered the highest quality disc manufacturing and graphics. Now under new ownership with Select Publishing Group, we look forward to working with you!

FAQs about the new owner
Who is Select Publishing Group (SPG)?

Select Publishing Group began as MPS Multimedia, Inc. based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are family-owned and operated at a 12,900 SF office/warehouse complex under our ownership and we take pride in our business. We started as a small multimedia retail store in 1992, selling CD-ROMs and grew from retail to wholesale and eventually became a publisher of CD-ROM software, DVDs, and CDs. Today, as Select Publishing Group we publish our software under “Selectsoft Publishing” and we publish DVDs, Music, and Audio CDs under “Selectmedia Entertainment”. Our primary channel of distribution of our published products is to the independent “mom & pop” store channels which we have cultivated over the years. Top-tier distributors at the time made little effort to meet the needs of independent retailers. This left the market wide open for us. We had an edge–we started as an independent retailer and would best understand their needs. Our service and attention to detail to our customers is a testament to who we are today.

How can I trust the new owner of CDS with our content?

SPG publishes over 1000 titles and over half our product offerings are home-grown/owned content. As a content owner, we understand the needs of other content owners and will offer the same care and respect for 3rd party content. As a publisher of 3rd party products, major companies such as Disney, Britannica, Dorling Kindersley, Scholastic and many others license their content for SPG to print, manufacture and package titles for sale in our independent sales channel. This is a trust our partners have developed over the years with SPG. As SPG, we not only own intellectual property…we also greatly respect the intellectual property of 3rd parties as well. Working with 3rd party content companies, we have had experience in dealing with all kinds of different assets in various formats to turn into final output. So rest assured that your content and job order will be in good hands.

How can I be confident that the new owner of CDS will still offer us the same great service?

At SPG, we are our “own customer” and as a customer of CD/DVD duplication and replication services our interests are aligned with you. Our testimonial will illustrate how we understand you the customer and will offer the same great service:

At SPG prior to 2004, all our CDs and DVDs were replicated and manufactured with 3rd parties. Our overall volume allowed us to have great relationships with such manufacturers/suppliers. We are a prolific publisher and publish 3-6 new titles a week since we started our publishing operations in 2001. But we had a problem: since we primarily sold to independent retailers our inventory turns per title were slow and our inventory levels were growing at a faster rate every year. Our inventory grew from an average of $300,000 in 2001 to $700,000 in 2004 and it was simply unsustainable. So in 2004, we had a decision to make: Either discontinue slow-moving titles or build a short-run manufacturing operation in-house. As a former retailer, we understood how frustrating it was to contact a supplier and find that a product we sold had been out-of-stock or discontinued. Because of this, we made an effort to keep 99% of our titles in-stock at all times…something unheard of in our industry. To the benefit of a service to our customers, we decided to build a short-run manufacturing operation in-house in 2004 as opposed to discontinuing titles.

At first, we were concerned with the quality difference of short-run duplication vs. large volume replication. And there were concerns about packaging where digital press print technology is not the same as off-set printing. We always took pride in creating the best packaging and presentation for our CD & DVD products. This attention to detail allowed us to perform short-run manufacturing to the highest standards and we found the final output was nearly identical to replication & off-set print quality. We started only doing short-runs and re-print products that took over a year to move through 1000 units (the minimum number for replication) but gradually our new titles released went direct to short-run manufacturing. If a title was selling at a much faster rate and inventory turned more than 2X/year we would move that title to large volume replication. With this in mind, the “same” Title could either be replicated or duplicated depending on sales demand. Later, we found our customers could not tell the difference and never perceived our short-run products as inferior to large volume replicated products.

Since 2004, SPG has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in professional duplication machines, printing machines, and other machines. With over 1000 titles we publish, it is a challenge to keep every title in stock while being prudent in inventory management. Today, all our panels & inserts are now printed in-house whether or not the CD or DVD has been replicated or duplicated. Our in-house digital press machines now achieve quality close to off-set printing and we continue to maintain the highest standards of packaging and presentation of our products. And, our average inventory has reduced three fold from $700,000 in 2004 to $250,000 where it is today. And as a benefit of our renewed efficiency, we have passed these savings on to our independent retailers by reducing the minimum order per title…all the more helping our customers become more efficient and stock fewer inventories.

By first understanding “ourselves as a customer”, we look forward to meet and exceed YOUR expectations as a customer of the “new” CDS service!

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