CD-R Short Run Duplication
Less than 1000 CDs

Got a gig this weekend? Have a software revision? Need advance promo CDs? Looking to carry less inventory? Whatever the reason, if you need less than 1000 CDs, and you need them quickly, our CD-R duplication service is the ideal solution. Our normal 1 to 3 day turnaround includes either black thermal or Everest™ full color disc printing.

CD-R Packaging Options

We offer options for packaging ranging from the economical Paper Sleeve to retail ready packaging in Jewel Cases. We now offer polywrap services by the unit purchased.

Choose from the following packaging options:

• Standard Jewel Case
(black or clear tray)
• Ultraslim Jewel Case
(black tray)
• Paper Sleeve
(with clear window)
• Poly Jewel Case
Introducing our NEW Poly Jewel Case packaging option! The Poly Jewel Case is about the same dimensions as a plastic jewel case, and is made of recyclable polypropylene material. Think of the Poly Jewel Case as similar to the DVD Amaray Case enclosure…but at the size of a Jewel Case! Our experience is that this is the BEST alternative to the traditional plastic Jewel Case!

Benefits of the “Poly Jewel Case” vs. “Plastic Jewel Case” include:

Case-Wrap Insert
This not only eliminates the need for a 2-panel and Traycard insert (saving you money), but also the wrap-around insert makes the package much more presentable.
Durable Polypropylene Material
We all know how often plastic jewel cases crack. Poly Jewel Cases do not crack due to the more durable and somewhat flexible polypropylene material.
Poly Jewel Cases weigh approximately 25% less than Plastic Jewel Cases. This adds up to lower shipping costs.
2 CD Capacity
CDs can be housed on either the left, right, or both sides of inside the case. Poly Jewel Cases are also more economical than 2 CD Plastic Jewel Cases.

CD-R Print Options

Your insert is printed on standard 80 lb. uncoated paper with 4-Color Process or B&W.

PLASTIC JEWEL CASE options include:

• 2-panel inserts
(single sheet double sided)
• 4-panel inserts
(single sheet, folded once)
• Traycards
(standard jewel case only)

POLY JEWEL CASE options include:

• Case-Wrap Sleeve
(sleeve wraps around the front, spine, and back of the poly jewel case)

CD-R Label Options

• Everest™ Print • Black Thermal Print
Everest™ Print
Everest™ color printing is applied directly onto the CD-R surface. Its magazine-quality printing is indelible and is recommended for saturated colors and images:

Black Thermal Print
Black thermal printing is applied directly onto the CD-R surface. Its best use is with stylized type and line art logos. Black Thermal Print is not recommended for large surface coverage or reversed-out type.

Complete professional design services are available.

Visit our Design Portfolio to view samples of our talented designers’ work.
If you’d like to use your own artwork, please use one of our CDS Templates.

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