Over 30 Years Protecting Your Data

CRU Data Security Group, or CDSG, is in business to protect our customers’ data. Period. That might be with our CRU and DIGISTOR rugged removable storage drives—crucial to physically securing sensitive data for government agencies and other security-conscious organizations. For even further data protection, our customers deploy DIGISTOR secure SSDs.

Hollywood, filmmakers, and film festivals are amongst our many customers who rely on our removables for quickly and efficiently transporting large amounts of data.

Small businesses and those who work at home rely on ioSafe fireproof and waterproof hard drives and SSDs to protect their important information. Our WiebeTech products are used for digital investigations that help law enforcement, corporations, and government agencies sniff out bad behavior.

We design and develop our products at our headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, just outside of Portland, Oregon. We also have offices in California, Idaho, Kansas, and Maryland. While we are based in the United States, our mission and business are global.

All across CDSG, we aspire to a world that values equality, fairness, dignity, and respect. We are proud of our history of working with our employees to create a family-like culture in which we are all in this together—a culture that extends to our relationships with our partners and customers. To this end, we support everyone’s organizational and individual efforts to cultivate more diversity and inclusiveness in the belief that differing viewpoints and perspectives make us all healthier and stronger.