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Fortifying Data Security: Harnessing the Power of Hardware

Wednesday, September 13
1:30 PM ET /10:30 AM PT

Join us for a 30-minute webinar to discuss how hardware products offer enhanced data at rest security compared to software solutions. Hear our president, Randy Barber, on winning deals with innovative products that meet NSA and NIST validation and security mandates. Learn about great use cases to drive more revenue from Chris Kruell, Director of Marketing at CDSG.

Discover the ways CDSG can help you serve your DOD, intelligence, and other agency customers by:

  • Securing Data at Rest (DAR): Cybersecurity begins by securing DAR
  • Advancing Validation & Compliance: Why do government security mandates matter?
  • Delivering secure Products: Our four product lines focused on securing data
  • Learning about Use Cases: Ideas to grow your customer base and revenue
  • Joining in a dynamic Partnership: Our door is always open to help build a solution
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Decades of Trust

Counted on by Dell, HP, and System Integrators

You may not always see our name on the outside, but decades ago, the military asked us to develop a removable drive solution for data security and transport. Since then, Dell, HP, and others have relied on us to help their customers secure and protect their data.