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Over 30 Years Protecting Your Data

CRU Data Security Group, or CDSG, is in business to protect our customers’ data. Period.

We pursue our mission with four brands: CRU, DIGISTOR, ioSafe, and WiebeTech. We design and develop our products at our headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, just outside of Portland, Oregon. We also have offices in California, Idaho, Kansas, Ohio, and Texas. 

We are based in the United States, yet our business is global, and you’ll find our products in the hands of well-known (and not so well-known) companies, as well as government agencies, of all sizes. CDSG can address the need to secure data from cyberattack, protect it from physical disaster, securely acquire digital evidence, or efficiently transport important data.

All across CDSG, we aspire to a world that values equality, fairness, dignity, and respect. We are proud of our history of working with our employees to create a family-like culture in which we are all in this together—a culture that extends to our relationships with our partners and customers. To this end, we support everyone’s organizational and individual efforts to cultivate more diversity and inclusiveness in the belief that differing viewpoints and perspectives make us all healthier and stronger.

The CRU brand has long been associated with high-quality, rugged, removable storage devices crucial to securing sensitive data for military and government agencies all over the world. The digital cinema industry relies on our integrated removable drive technology for content distribution to theaters and film festivals around the world.

DIGISTOR provides solutions for securing Data at Rest (DAR). DIGISTOR products include FIPS- and Common Criteria (CC)- certified SSDs, industrial-grade flash storage products, and digital video storage solutions. DIGISTOR proudly serves the Department of Defense, Federal agencies, major OEMs, law enforcement, and other global customers.

ioSafe, with our patented fireproof and waterproof data storage technology, as well as our comprehensive Data Recovery Service, provides customer peace of mind: their on-site data is always protected from disaster—and should the unthinkable happen, they can get back up and running faster than any other available solution. 

WiebeTech digital forensics tools provide innovative and rugged devices for fast, accurate, and secure disk imaging and evidence capture. For over 20 years, WiebeTech devices have been employed by police, civilian agencies such as the FBI, and the military to investigate data and bring ironclad cases to court. We’re proud of our role in protecting lives and livelihoods.