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We are excited to see everyone at PS Unleashed! We have a long and fruitful working relationship with HP to integrate our CRU removable drives into HP workstations (as well as desktops and laptops). We’re looking forward to providing HP with DIGISTOR secure SSDs, which are used by the DoD and federal agencies to encrypt and protect data at rest (DAR). 

Physical and Digital Data Security

with CRU Removables

and FIPS 140-2 L2 and CC Certified/NIAP Listed Storage

Secure High Performance Storage (SHIPS) Ecosystem

CRU brings its legacy of rugged removability to modern PCIe SSDs

  • Rugged, interchangable PCIe storage modules
  • Thousands of insertions
  • Multiple frame sizes
  • Module choices include Citadel Pre-Boot Authentication and other secure storage options

Citadel Pre-Boot Authentication

Citadel SSDs feature pre-boot authentication (PBA)

  • SSD and contents invisible until authenticated
  • Address federal data at rest (DAR) requirements
  • Know who accessed data with secure access logs
  • Retire or repurpose SSDs safely with verified device erasure

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