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Data security begins with CDSG

We enable our partners to help their customers and clients secure their data. For over 30 years, we’ve helped deliver reliable data storage and forensics tools to the security-conscious in government, military, enterprise, and more.

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Partner Support

The CDSG Partner Program consists of three membership tiers that feature rewards that grow along with your CDSG products business. Gain benefits and rewards as you develop sales expertise, engage joint business planning and proactively market CDSG products solutions.

Current Distributors

CDSG is partnered with major distributors such as TD Synnex, Ingram Micro, Exertis Hammer, Hypertec, and others to offer our products to resellers around the world.

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To sign up for the CDSG Partner Program, please tell us a little about yourself and your business. A dedicated CDSG sales representative will follow up with you shortly.