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Forensic Software Utility adds Valuable Functionality to Write-Blocking Devices

Vancouver, WA — October 4, 2010 — Add functionality to your WiebeTech write-blocking device - for FREE! Forensic Software Utility is a free downloadable application that enhances write-blocking products by adding configurable detection modes for handling Hidden Protected Area (HPA) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) areas on hard drives. Forensic Software Utility includes new hard drive and device information gathering and reporting features.

Hard drives can contain hidden areas known as HPAs or DCOs that can be used to hide information. WiebeTech write-blocking products, including Forensic UltraDock™ and Forensic LabDock™, already contain HPA/DCO detection. Forensic Software Utility adds the ability to configure how write-blocking devices treat these hidden areas.

Features include:

• Detect and indicate only
• Detect and temporarily remove HPA
• Detect and permanently remove HPA
• Detect and permanently remove HPA and DCO

Forensic Software Utility also offers additional information gathering and reporting features by providing vital suspect drive and write-blocking device information. The “Save Info” option can save model and serial number information with other data to a log file for future reference. A special feature for USB WriteBlocker™ is included that will record the hash value of the firmware to ensure the factory settings have not been changed.

Forensic Software Utility will also administer firmware updates to your WiebeTech write-blocking products. Once a device is connected, Forensic Software Utility will prompt for available updates.

Download Forensic Software Utility for FREE at Compatible write-blocking products include Forensic UltraDock™, Forensic LabDock™, USB WriteBlocker™, Forensic RTX™ and Guidance Software Inc’s FastBloc3™. For more information, please visit and

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