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CRU-DataPort Introduces UltraDock™ v5 with USB 3.0 Connectivity

Vancouver, WA — February 13, 2012 — Accessing data from bare hard drives is now faster, smarter and more affordable with UltraDock v5 from CRU-DataPort. UltraDock v5 is an aluminum constructed hardware device that allows access to data on bare 2.5” and 3.5” SATA and 3.5” IDE hard drives via five host interface connections including USB 3.0. UltraDock v5 has a user friendly menu, LCD screen and access to S.M.A.R.T drive data, which makes it the most versatile drive dock from CRU-DataPort.

UltraDock v5 easily connects to most host computers with included USB 3.0/2.0, eSATA, FireWire 800/400 host interfaces. Attach a bare hard drive to the dock then connect the dock to a computer and begin to access, set up, diagnose or repair the drive. UltraDock v5 provides important drive information such as model, serial number and S.M.A.R.T data (hours used, power cycles and disk health). Additionally, UltraDock v5 can detect, remove, create or modify HPA (Host Protected Areas) and DCO (Device Configuration Overlays), which are hidden from operating systems. If using non-standard drives, CRU-DataPort offers combo adapters to access 1.8” drives, notebook drives, iPod drives and nearly all spinning disks.

UltraDock v5 is an ideal tool for IT professionals or markets where accessibility to bare hard drives is essential. Digital forensic investigators utilize UltraDock v5 to make copies of evidence gathered in an investigation. Prosumers and digital photographers may use it to quickly access archived drives, particularly when using CRU’s RTX TrayFree enclosure systems for backup and archiving. UltraDock v5 is available through CRU-DataPort resellers for $249 MSRP.

About CRU-DataPort
Founded in 1986, CRU-DataPort is a pioneer in data security, encryption and data mobility devices. The company's flagship DataPort®, along with Data Express®, RTX™, RAX®, ToughTech® and WiebeTechTM product brands of removable and external hard drive enclosures are the de facto standard for physical data security and safe data transporting in government, education, audio/video production, digital cinema and business markets. CRU-DataPort products are available through major distributors, PC manufacturers, specialty system builders and resellers globally.