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CRU® Automates Evidence Collection for Digital Investigators

Forensic Investigators Can Use Time-Saving Templates with the CRU WiebeTech® Ditto® Forensic FieldStation to Automatically Image Only Desired Directories, Files, and File Types from Hard Drives, Network File Shares, and Flash Media

Vancouver, WA — October 1, 2015 — CRU announces its next generation of the Logical Imaging feature included with its popular remote/network operable CRU WiebeTech Ditto Forensic FieldStation. CRU Logical Imaging now includes predefined template profiles that allow investigators to effortlessly configure Ditto to automatically search for specific directories, files, and file types across an entire hard drive, network file share, or other storage media.

By allowing investigators to “auto select” and logically image only the files most important to their investigations, Ditto eliminates the need to manually choose files and directories for digital forensic investigations or eDiscovery procedures. Selected files are then automatically packaged into an L01 logical image, ready for examination.

The “auto select” feature of Logical Imaging is easy to run from the Ditto FieldStation itself—especially with Ditto’s new support for USB-attached keyboards—with no computer or browser necessary. This increases efficiency, capability, and flexibility for field investigators.

Logical Imaging has also been enhanced to validate file extensions, with Ditto flagging the files in which file type does not match file extension, a common way for criminals to try to hide illicit images or documents.

The updated Logical Image feature comes with nine predefined “auto select” profiles such as “all media files” or “all documents.” Ditto customers can easily combine or modify these profiles—or create their own.

“With this latest in our series of free Ditto updates, CRU continues its mission to enable faster, more efficient digital investigations by improving our unique Logical Image capability,” said Randal Barber, President and CEO of CRU. “We are also continuing our tradition of adding value to the powerful Ditto investigation tool, which is the best investment digital investigators can make.”

The new firmware provides several other updates, including
- Wi-Fi hotspot support
- Wi-Fi client support
- Dual eSATA drive erase support

The complete list of enhancements is available at

Unique Online Demo

The remote networked capability native to Ditto lets investigators and others log into a publicly available Ditto Forensic FieldStation to try out logical imaging and its new features for themselves:

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About CRU

Founded in 1986, CRU® is a pioneer in data security, encryption, digital investigation, and data mobility devices. The company's flagship DataPort®, along with the Data Express®, DataHarbor®, CRU RTX®, RAX®, ToughTech® and WiebeTech® product lines of removable and external hard drive enclosures are the de facto standard for physical data security and safe data transport in government, education, audio/video production, digital cinema and business markets. CRU products are available through major distributors, PC manufacturers, specialty system builders and resellers globally.