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CRU® Introduces the SCILock® Secure Drive, Specialized Hardware Cyber Security Solution to Immunize Computers against Malware

Unique device takes place of computer hard drive to shield system and application software from attack

Vancouver, WA — February 1, 2016 — Today CRU introduced the SCILock Secure Drive, the patent-pending hardware cyber security solution that shelters designated operating system and other software from malware, zero day threats, and other persistent forms of cyber attack. Working in conjunction with existing anti-threat software and firewalls, SCILock greatly reduces the attack profile of a computer system by preventing malware from becoming persistent. By doing so, SCILock increases the resistance of an entire network to malware-induced data or identity theft and downtime.

A SCILock Secure Drive takes the place of a computer’s hard drive or SSD—it houses the cyber secure technology that locks down a computer system from any malware, hacks or other threats. The SCILock Secure Drive is operating system agnostic, needs no special drivers or system resources to operate—the user does not know that SCILock exists except for improved protection.

“For decades, CRU has provided the original cyber security products, our DataPort® and Data Express® removable drives, that government agencies, military organizations, and businesses have used to secure and protect their data,” said Randy Barber, CRU CEO and President. “We are pleased to offer the SCILock Secure Drive, our latest innovation to shore up defenses against ever-shifting threats from evil actors and the malware menace they unleash against organizations and people worldwide.”

The simplicity of SCILock is its greatest strength. Once configured to accommodate a user profile, it is update-free, has no algorithms to modify, or new tricks to be taught. SCILock enables users to immediately reboot their system to its last known good image, thus rendering persistent malware ineffective.

"As a premier manufacturer of workstations, NCS has consistently turned to CRU for high-quality products, and has equipped thousands of workstations with CRU removable drives for the Federal government and other security-conscious customers," said Baba Padmanabhan of NCS Technologies. "We are excited to take the next step in secure computing by offering workstations equipped with the SCILock Secure Drive."

Availability: SCILock-enabled workstations and integration services are available today from CRU partners. For details, contact

At RSA, see SCILock in action: For a live demo of the SCILock Secure Drive, visit CRU at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, February 29-March 3, (Booth 3340).

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Founded in 1986, CRU® is a pioneer in data security, data transport/mobility, encryption, and digital investigation devices. The company's flagship DataPort® and Data Express® removable drives are the de facto standard for physical data security in government, education, audio/video production, digital cinema and business markets. The WiebeTech® products are used by digital forensics investigators around the world. And the DataHarbor®, CRU RTX®, RAX®, and ToughTech® external hard drive enclosures are used by small and medium business for data backup. CRU products are available through major distributors, PC manufacturers, specialty system builders and resellers globally, as well as from CRU. Find CRU at,,,, and