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CRU® Minimizes Data Acquisition Time for Digital Investigation

New WiebeTech® Ditto® DX doubles speed of Physical Imaging from SSD to SSD, doubles speed of Logical Imaging, adds new native interfaces

Las Vegas, NV — May 23, 2016 — Today CRU introduced the WiebeTech Ditto DX Forensic FieldStation, its fastest, most capable digital forensic imaging appliance to date. Building on the success of the browser-manageable Ditto remote imaging hardware device introduced in 2013, the Ditto DX remote imager offers accelerated data acquisition speeds, enhanced usability features, and more native media connectivity.

The Ditto Logical Imaging feature, with its ability to acquire and image only relevant data, is crucial to efficient digital evidence gathering. Investigators can create templates to automatically seek and acquire predetermined file types or preview files for manual selection.

“With hard drive capacities scaling to 8TB and beyond, it is simply impractical for investigators to image entire drives—especially when the Ditto platform is used in time-sensitive applications such as counter-intelligence,” said digital forensics expert James Wiebe. “Gaining wide acceptance, Logical Imaging slashes acquisition time for all forms of digital investigation and e-discovery.”

As with the original Ditto device, the Ditto DX Forensic FieldStation requires no host computer and acquires data from hard disk drives/SSDs, network file shares, and media cards. Data sources can be cloned or imaged to disk or network locations. Clones and images to two locations can happen as quickly as to a single destination.

“For the past three years, digital investigators in law enforcement, military organizations, and corporate IT have proven they want cost-effective Physical and Logical Imaging for acquiring all kinds of suspect data, whether it resides on networked filesystems, hard drives and SSDs, or other forms of digital media,” said Randy Barber, CRU President and CEO.
The Ditto DX Forensic FieldStation easily integrates into existing investigative workflows, as well as with common forensic software such as Guidance Software’s EnCase®, Access Data’s FTK®, and the X-Ways Forensics platform.

The Ditto DX device adheres to the investment protection philosophy begun with the original Ditto Forensic FieldStation. Existing Ditto expansion modules also work with the Ditto DX imager and free upgrades via firmware updates will continue with both Ditto DX and Ditto devices.

The Ditto DX Forensic FieldStation offers

- Faster SSD imaging and dual hashing performance
- Optimized HDD performance
- Source-side native USB 3.0 support
- Two destination-side USB 3.0 ports for imaging to USB 3.0 external devices
- SATA and PCIe/NVMe SSD data acquisition
- New PCIe port on the destination side, compatible with expansion modules
- PCIe expansion ports have been upgraded from x1 to x4
- Three Ethernet ports for network-based operations: input/source data, destination, and network-based operation
- Two USB 2.0 ports for USB devices such as keyboard or wifi adaptor
- Tactile response menu navigation buttons
- Easily visible DX Status Lightbar

See Ditto DX in action: For a live demo, visit CRU at the Enfuse Conference in Las Vegas, May 23-26, 2016 (Booth 417) or the Techno Security & Forensic Investigations Conference, June 5-8, 2016, in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Try Ditto DX for yourself: Visit to remotely operate online Ditto and Ditto DX Forensic FieldStations.

For recorded demos and tutorials, visit the Ditto Video Playlist.

Pricing and availability: The Ditto DX Forensic FieldStation comes with a complete set of cables for common usage and is available in field kits that include a specially designed Pelican case and optional accessories for specialized investigations. Pricing starts at $2399 and will be shipping in volume in July 2016.

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Founded in 1986, CRU® is a pioneer in data security, data transport/mobility, encryption, and digital investigation devices. The company's flagship DataPort® and Data Express® removable drives are the de facto standard for physical data security in government, education, audio/video production, digital cinema and business markets. The WiebeTech® products are used by digital forensics investigators around the world. And the DataHarbor®, CRU RTX®, RAX®, and ToughTech® external hard drive enclosures are used by small and medium business for data backup. CRU products are available through major distributors, PC manufacturers, specialty system builders and resellers globally, as well as from CRU. Find CRU at,,,, and