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CRU® Announces 2016 Photo Contest Winners

Winners Receive CRU's Powerful Storage Devices

Vancouver, WA — February 8, 2017 — Today CRU announced the winners of our 2016 Photo Contest. 914 outstanding photos were submitted, from which the Grand Prize was awarded to Sankar Ghose of India for the portrait "Highland Lass." Ghose will receive an RTX® 220-3QR storage enclosure designed for RAID backup and ideal for professional or amateur photographers.

Each of the three categories – People, Street, and Nature – had a winner who will be awarded a ToughTech® Duo C, our brand new handheld RAID storage enclosure that creates two backup copies of your data simultaneously at up to 10 Gbps. The category winners were John and Dan Cesere for "Maui Keiki," Jan Schmidt-Whitley for "Woman in Vendôme Square," and Robin Yong for "Flowers of Ethiopia."

A People’s Choice award will also be given to Steve Hendricks for "Murals of Those Whom Protect Us." He will receive a ToughTech m3, our slim storage enclosure for on-the-go back up.

Photographers and other creative professionals trust CRU’s ToughTech and RTX products to secure and backup their art. We are proud to celebrate their hard work.

Clockwise from left to right: "Maui Keiki" by John and Dan Cesere, "Murals of Those Whom Protect Us" by Steve Hendricks, "Highland Lass" by Sankar Ghose, "Flowers of Ethiopia” by Robin Yong, and "Woman in Vendôme Square" by Jan Schmidt-Whitley.

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