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CRU Data Security Group Announces Groundbreaking Pocket-sized WiebeTech Forensic Devices to Streamline Digital Acquisitions

New subscription-based Ditto x86 family enables suspect device to power its own investigation

Vancouver, WA — December 7, 2020 — CRU Data Security Group (CDSG), home of the WiebeTech® digital forensic devices, today announced two USB-based WiebeTech Ditto® x86 digital investigation products: the Ditto x86 SE 2TB and Ditto x86 BE devices. Each version enables the booting of a suspect computing device such as a laptop or Microsoft Surface tablet into the forensically sound WiebeTech Ditto environment for investigation, drive imaging or logical imaging.

First introduced in 2012, the WiebeTech Ditto platform has been deployed globally with law enforcement, military, government agencies, and corporations for a variety of purposes: investigation and previewing of evidence on a hard drive, SSD, or network share; forensic evidence collection; and IT imaging of hard drives or SSDs for speedy computer replacement or archiving of employee data.

The USB-based Ditto x86 hardware devices include subscription-based licensing that makes it affordable for more investigators to carry and deploy forensic investigation capability in the field. The Ditto x86 family enables forensic investigations of compute devices that may not have an easily accessible hard drive or SSD, such as most laptops. The Ditto x86 devices can also eliminate the need to carry a separate computer or imaging device, simplifying investigator workflow and toolkits.

“I’m excited about the incredible performance gains investigators will see with our new Ditto x86 products,” CDSG President and CEO Randal Barber said. “Because Ditto x86 devices harness the power of a suspect’s Intel x86-based device, data acquisition times are collapsed immensely.

“Furthermore, our new subscription model eliminates the budget barrier for government agencies of all sizes,” added Barber.

The Ditto x86 is available in two versions: the Ditto x86 SE 2TB, which is a high performance USB 3.2 Gen 2 device that boots a suspect device into the forensically sound Ditto environment. The Ditto x86 SE eliminates the need to carry separate hard drives or SSD with its built-in, forensically isolated partition that can be used for acquisition of nearly 2TB of data. Data can also be captured on a separate drive.

The Ditto x86 BE is a thumb-drive-based USB device that boots a suspect device into the Ditto investigative environment. With the BE version, suspect drive images and data would be captured on a separate external hard drive or SSD.

Both versions include a USB hub for multiple device connectivity, as well as cables for use with both Type-A and Type-C USB ports.

The Ditto x86 devices are available today and pricing begins at $1,399, which includes the first year of subscription access. Subscription renewal is priced at $925/year.

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About CDSG
CDSG is a leading provider of high-quality data security, transport and storage devices for government and military agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, the entertainment industry, corporate IT departments, data centers and digital forensic investigators. Its product lineup includes CRU and Digistor secure removable storage, Digistor industrial encrypted SSDs and memory cards, ioSafe disaster proof storage devices, and WiebeTech digital investigation devices. Founded in 1986 and based in Vancouver, Washington, CDSG ensures that sensitive, critical information is highly secure through physical data storage. CDSG operates with an unwavering commitment to superior quality, on-time delivery and comprehensive customer service.