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DIGISTOR Announces Enterprise SSD Line

New Drives Provide Advanced Feature Set with Higher Capacity Storage Options

Campbell, CA — June 2, 2020 — DIGISTOR, the leader in secure removable solid state drives (SSD), announced today the release of a new line of high end enterprise-class drives that provide longer product life and higher capacity storage options than previously offered modules. DIGISTOR’s enterprise drives are designed to maximize the SATA III interface, offering capacities up to 8TB and sustained performance up to 550 MB/s in Sequential Reads and 530 MB/s in Sequential Writes. Utilizing an advanced 28nm process technology while incorporating state-of-the-art secure data storage features, this SSD maximizes endurance, reduces latency, and provides consistent performance on various workloads.

A New Level of Reliability

DIGISTOR’s engineering division built their enterprise modules to be their sturdiest, most dependable drives yet. Packing additional circuitry and capacitors into the tiny 2.5” form factor, these SSDs deliver supplemental protection in the event of power loss. With additional power and time to flush the data residing in DRAM and other buffers, this protection ensures the integrity of the drive against data corruption in the event of system failures.

End-to-End Data Protection

From the moment data enters the SSD, the controller in this new line of enterprise drives generates associated parities to prevent soft errors. The data is therefore safeguarded from corruption every step of the way ?? from the host device to the NAND flash.

Advanced ECC Engine

All enterprise drives also include a built?in LDPC ECC Engine, which can correct up to 160 bits/2k via the hard decoder and up to 400bits/2k via the soft decoder. This data “proofreader” ensures that user data can be protected throughout the life of the SSD.

“Our enterprise drive series provides the necessary procedural safeguards serious applications demand,” says Murray Ellis, VP of Engineering at DIGISTOR. "This new level of performance is exactly what our customers in federal, cyber security, and surveillance industries need. We hope our clients receive this new class of drives with as much excitement as we put into designing them."
DIGISTOR is a leading innovator, manufacturer, and distributor of industrial-grade flash storage products, secure storage products, and digital video storage solutions. DIGISTOR proudly supports customers around the world in industries such as law enforcement, medical, professional video, security/surveillance, and federal agencies.