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DIGISTOR VaultDisk® M2-R Redefines Industry Standard for Removable Storage

Fourth generation removable SSD drive solution comes with both SATA and NVMe support

Las Vegas, NV — April 30, 2019 — DIGISTOR, the leader in secure data and storage solutions, today announced the successor to their best-in-class VaultDisk® product line. The fourth generation VaultDisk drive is smaller, sleeker, and faster than previous generations, and has added NVMe compatibility to make it the most flexible removable drive on the market.

DIGISTOR’s VaultDisk SSD product line revolutionized systems administration by providing an easy and secure way to remove drives that can mount and boot a system in seconds. The flexibility, ease, and speed of interchanging VaultDisk drives is unparalleled in the market.

DIGISTOR has now raised its own game by innovating a new product, which shrinks the VaultDisk form factor in addition to adding new compatibility. VaultDisk M2-R is designed with with both SATA and NVMe drive support.

Being a legacy format, SATA is an interface many have a comfort level with due to having other SATA hardware, such as SSD duplicators. NVMe is a newer storage technology that was developed specifically for flash storage. Up to seven times faster than SATA, NVMe is especially useful for those working in high data creation environments. This upgrade therefore makes the VaultDisk product line applicable to an even wider spectrum of industries. Being able to easily swap between SATA and NVMe means users can designate the right drive technology for the OS or task at hand.

“VaultDisk M2-R allows users to grab whichever drive necessary for the OS or job required and instantly boot up in that environment,” reports Murray Ellis, VP of Engineering at DIGISTOR. “This level of sophistication and flexibility makes the VaultDisk line more useful than ever.”

VaultDisk M2-R was designed for the latest Dell Precision workstation, the 7730. The capacities can range from 256GB to 2TB. More information can be found at

DIGISTOR is a leading innovator, manufacturer, and distributor of industrial-grade flash storage products, secure storage products, and digital video storage solutions. DIGISTOR proudly supports customers around the world in industries such as law enforcement, medical, professional video, security/surveillance, and federal agencies.