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For more information contact:
James Wiebe, President
WiebeTech LLC
8200 E. 34th Street North #1404
Wichita, KS 67226
316 744 8722 (main) 316 744 1398 (fax)
1-866-744-8722 (toll free)

WiebeTech invites developers to help create G5 Bling™

Wichita, KS — January 10, 2006 — WiebeTech is issuing a challenge to all the code monkeys of the world to help the company develop its latest idea for the Macintosh G5 computer: G5 Bling™, a fancy LED display which mounts in the front grill of a G5. Users can make it do whatever they want ... become an iTunes volume equalizer ... a miniature PONG game ... a visual alarm ... whatever. It's the world's tiniest display and a nifty little G5 toy.

To encourage developers, WiebeTech is initiating an essay contest where 10 of the best ideas will be rewarded by receiving a prototype board for tinkering.

The best idea will receive $500 to spend on WiebeTech's web store.

For complete entry information, go to

About WiebeTech
WiebeTech LLC was founded in July 2000 by James Wiebe and has focused on marketing high performance, highly portable storage solutions for consumer and government markets.