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For more information contact:
James Wiebe, President
WiebeTech LLC
3450 N. Rock Road #703
Wichita, KS 67226
316 744 8722 (main) 316 744 1398 (fax)
1-866-744-8722 (toll free)

WiebeTech announces 500GB Storage Products

Wichita, KS — July 12, 2005 — WiebeTech announces general availability of storage enclosures based on Hitachi's new 500GB IDE and SATA drives.

"500GB drives have been frequently requested by users, and we're pleased that they are now shipping from WiebeTech," said James Wiebe, CEO of WiebeTech. "We have stocked both IDE and SATA configurations of these new drives and have made them available throughout our product line. For instance, a 500GB version of our popular ToughTech» drive is priced at only $669.95."

The availability of 500GB drives also allows WiebeTech to increase top capacities on its reloadable RAID products. For example, a TrayDock eSATA» enclosure is priced at $2599.95 with an unformatted capacity of 2 terabytes.

WiebeTech's website at contains complete pricing and availability information for many more new 500GB products.

Most of WiebeTech's new 500GB configurations are already in stock.