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James Wiebe, President
WiebeTech LLC
316 744 8722 (main)
Cassondra Todd
Guidance Software
(626) 229-9191

Guidance Software Announces USB support for EnCase®, with FastBloc®2 write-blocker by WiebeTech

Pasadena, CA — June 5, 2006 — Guidance Software and WiebeTech LLC have partnered to enhance the FastBloc2 write-blocker series by adding USB host compatibility and support.

This enhancement further advances the impressive capabilities of Guidance Software's award winning, five-star EnCase software suite. Investigators will now be able to examine any target IDE or SATA drive by attaching the FastBloc2 FE (Field Edition) to a host via a USB port. A FireWire compatible host computer is no longer required, but is still an option with this enhancement.

Guidance Software teamed with WiebeTech, manufacturer of popular storage and computer forensic solutions, to ensure that the FastBloc2 family of write-blockers has the speed, reliability and versatility required for crucial, time-sensitive forensic examinations. An EnCase evidence file can now be created more easily and quickly with the FastBloc2 from WiebeTech.

The FastBloc2 FE allows investigators to attach the suspect drive directly to FastBloc2, and then connect the device to a laptop computer using either USB or FireWire ports. The FastBloc2 LE (Lab Edition) offers an internal write-blocked docking station for hard disk drives via a provided FireWire compatible host controller. It fits right in the desktop computer bay and gives convenient access to power and an IDE port from the front of the unit.

"To ensure all FastBloc2 FEs all have the latest features, Guidance Software will provide a FREE software download to upgrade to existing FastBloc2 FE customers at no charge," said Bill Siebert, Director of Customer Relations at Guidance Software. Details of this firmware update will be announced on June 12, 2006.

The FastBloc2 products are available for purchase from Guidance Software's sales staff and authorized resellers.