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For more information contact:
James Wiebe, President
WiebeTech LLC
8200 E. 34th Street North #1404
Wichita, KS 67226
316 744 8722 (main) 316 744 1398 (fax)
1-866-744-8722 (toll free)

WiebeTech introduces new v4 Combo Adapters to access most hard drives through v4 ComboDock™

Wichita, KS — October 23, 2006 — WiebeTech has introduced a series of v4 Combo Adapters to complement its new v4 ComboDock™ imager. The earlier series of adapters has been completely redesigned to make the new v4 series sleeker and easier to use.

Adapters are available individually or in kits. All adapters are in stock and ready to ship.

Combo Adapters work hand-in-hand with the WiebeTech ComboDock v4 or Forensic ComboDock™. They plug into the IDE side of the ComboDock. Each adapter has a sled connector for attaching the required drive.

As with most WiebeTech products, no new drivers are needed for plug-and-play use on any recent operating system. Combo Adapters work on Mac OS, Windows and with backup and forensic imaging software. When used with Forensic ComboDock, all data that transfers through a Combo Adapter is write-blocked.

New v4 Combo Adapter Features
- New shrouded IDE interface connector helps protect the delicate IDE pins while connecting the adapter to the dock.
- IDE interface faces upward for better accessibility.
- Adapters now share a smaller, more consistent size.
- SATA adapter has been streamlined to 25% its former size.
- A new ZIF adapter allows access to 1.8" Hitachi ZIF drives.

Description // Product Code // Retail Price
v4 Notebook Drive Adapter -- mounts 2.5 inch and some 1.8 inch drives // ADAv4-25 // 49.95
v4 MicroDrive Adapter -- mounts 1.0 inch drives // ADAv4-10 // 99.95
v4 1.8 inch Toshiba Adapter // ADAv4-18-TOSH // 99.95
v4 1.8 inch Hitachi ZIF Adapter // ADAv4-18-HIT-ZIF// 149.95
v4 PCCard (AKA PCMCIA) Adapter // ADAv4-PCCARD // 89.95
v4 SATA adapter -- works with all types of SATA drives // ADAv4-SATA // 99.95
v4 Connector Kit -- contains one each of above six items // ADAv4-KIT-1 // 499.95
v4 Connector Kit in a Pelican case // ADAv4-KIT-2 // 599.95
v4 Connector Kit in a Pelican case with a ComboDock v4 // ADAv4-KIT-3 // 749.95
v4 Connector Kit in a Pelican case with a Forensic ComboDock v4 // FFK-9 // 999.95

Dealers may purchase WiebeTech products from Synnex or Dr. Bott. End users may purchase from PCMall, MacMall or PC Connection. Government customers are encouraged to purchase from Lyme Computer, CDW-G or PCMallGov. All products are available directly from WiebeTech at

About WiebeTech
WiebeTech LLC was founded in July 2000 by James Wiebe and has focused on marketing high performance, highly portable storage solutions for consumer and government markets.