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For more information contact:
James Wiebe, President
WiebeTech LLC
3450 N. Rock Road #703
Wichita, KS 67226
316 744 8722 (main) 316 744 1398 (fax)
1-866-744-8722 (toll free)

Access the Smallest Drives with Combo Adapters for
the ComboDock™: Now Shipping

Wichita, KS — May 2, 2005 — WiebeTech announces a set of Combo Adapters which allow a variety of small disk drives to mount to a computer system. The Combo Adapters are designed to work in conjunction with WiebeTech's ComboDock which allows users to attach bare hard drives to their computers through FireWire 800 (400 compatible) or USB2.

The Combo Adapters are in stock and shipping.

The Combo Adapters allow users to mount a variety of hard drives to their computer system," said James Wiebe, CEO of WiebeTech. "We believe that these adapters will find usage by technicians, service personnel, IT personnel and forensic investigators."

Most of the adapters feature a CNC machined aluminum protective enclosure (not pictured), continuing WiebeTech's tradition of providing tough and rugged products.

This new series of Combo Adapters will allow any of the following types of drives to be mounted on a computer system:

- Hitachi 1.8" drives - Toshiba 1.8" drives (the type used in iPods) - 2.5" Notebook drives - MicroDrives (used in iPod minis and in many digital cameras) or Compact Flash modules (used in many different applications) - PCCARD drives, as used in PCMCIA slots - SATA drives, either 2.5" or 3.5"

WiebeTech is also introducing a Cable Adapter to be used in conjunction with a ribbon cable. This is the adapter to use when the dock can't be physically attached to a 3.5" drive due to physical limitations. It's easy to use any of the adapters. Just plug the appropriate adapter into a WiebeTech ComboDock, then plug the drive into the adapter. After the ComboDock is attached to a host computer, the drive will pop up on the desktop.

Pricing and Availability Description // Order Code // Price // Availability
Adapter for Toshiba 1.8" drives // ADA-18-TOSH // $99.95 // Stock
Adapter for SATA drives // ADA-SATA // $99.95 // Stock
Adapter for Hitachi 1.8" drives // ADA-18-HIT // $89.95 // Stock
Adapter for MicroDrives and Compact Flash // ADA-10 // $99.95 // Stock
Adapter for PCCARD drives // ADA-PCCARD // $89.95 // Stock
Adapter for Notebook (2.5") drives // ADA-25 // $49.95 // Stock
Cable Adapter // ADA-CABLE // $24.95 // Stock
Kit of 7 Adapters // ADA-KIT-1 // $499.95 // Stock

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