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WiebeTech Partners with Digital Reconnaissance, Inc. and Voom Technologies to Exclusively Offer Recon Series Digital Forensic Field Kits

Vancouver, WA — October 26, 2009 — WiebeTech, a brand of CRU-DataPort™, has partnered with Voom Technologies™ and Digital Reconnaissance, Inc.™, a premier solutions provider for the digital forensics and legal discovery industries, to introduce the Recon Series™ computer forensics field kits at the Techno Forensics and Digital Investigations conference today in Gaithersburg, MD. David Biessener, CEO of Voom Technologies, stated, "Digital Reconnaissance has integrated, in a truly unparalleled way, computer forensic investigative technology that will redefine the market."

The Recon™ Field Kit Series is a unique collaboration of CRU's WiebeTech branded write- blocked drive access products combined with Voom Technologies high-speed portable forensic hard drive duplicators, offering forensic investigators a single and portable solution. The series includes Recon Lite™, Recon Master™, Recon Elite I™ and Recon Elite II™, each configured to meet a variety of forensic needs using write blockers and imagers at a price advantage not previously seen in the market.

Recon Lite™, the first kit to be released in this series, contains VoomTech's HardCopy 3 (HC3) Imager featuring unprecedented speed and performance, dual output ports and user selectable MD5 or SHA256 hashing, WiebeTech's Forensic UltraDock™, USB WriteBlocker™ and six DriveDock™ adapters, all securely packed in a rugged Pelican™ case. This integrated solution enables investigators to access a wide variety of media in a forensically sound manner, including 3.5", 2.5" and 1.8" IDE, PATA and SATA hard drives, ZIF drives, MicroDrives, CompactFlash (CF), Memory Sticks, SD cards, MMC cards PC Cards (PCMCIA), and Disk on Module (DOM) drives.

Over the next two weeks, Digital Reconnaissance will launch the complete Recon Series with distinctive configurations targeted to fulfill the varied and extensive requirements of digital forensics experts, providing an unrivaled tactical advantage in the field. Digital Reconnaissance President, Daniel D. Gimenez, noted, "We are proud to be the exclusive provider of this superior, best-of-breed product."

About WiebeTech and CRU-DataPort
Founded in 2000, WiebeTech focuses on delivering high-performance portable storage solutions for consumer, business and government markets. WiebeTech also offers computer forensic devices which are critical tools for criminal and eDiscovery investigators collecting suspect data. CRU-DataPort acquired WiebeTech in 2008, becoming a global leader in data security and data mobility solutions

Founded in 1986, CRU-DataPort is a pioneer in data security and data mobility devices. The company's flagship DataPort®, along with Data Express® and RhinoJR® (formerly StorCase) and WiebeTech product brands of removable and external hard drive enclosures are the de facto standard for physical data security and safe data transporting in government, education and business markets. CRU-DataPort products are widely used in media rich data environments including audio/video production, digital cinema, video security capture, and disk-2-disk backup and archiving applications. Backed by the industry's leading warranties and connector ratings, CRU-DataPort products are available through major distributors, PC manufacturers, specialty system builders and resellers throughout the world.