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James Wiebe, President
WiebeTech LLC
3450 N. Rock Road #703
Wichita, KS 67226
316 744 8722 (main) 316 744 1398 (fax)
1-866-744-8722 (toll free)

WiebeTech Introduces RackFire+™: Hardware-based FireWire RAID with Two Big FireWire drive trays in a 1U Rack Mount Enclosure

Hardware-based FireWire RAID with Two Big FireWire drive trays in a 1U Rack Mount Enclosure

Wichita, KS — January 11, 2005 — WiebeTech's newest RackFire+ packs up to 1.6 Terabytes of storage in the smallest 1U rack mount enclosure. It features two big FireWire drive trays, each with a capacity of two 400GB drives for1.6TB total. Most importantly, each tray is a high-performance, hardware- based FireWire RAID. Each tray connects to a FireWire 800 (400 compatible) bridge offering performance that easily exceeds 70MB/sec per RAID.

Each of the two removable trays features individual power supplies, so that the failure of either RAID will not affect the function of the other RAID. This allows system administrators and users to configure RackFire+ as a Hardware 0 + Software 1 RAID, for highest performance and on-the-fly data redundancy. Windows, Linux and Macintosh users will each find RackFire+ perfect for their environments. Those who use Apple's Xserve RAID will find it a perfect companion. Because of its extremely high performance, it is also a valuable tool for those who edit large video files using Final Cut Pro or other applications. Rack mount brackets and ears are included. Or it can be used as a stand alone enclosure without brackets


  • Dual FireWire 800 1394b Host Interface. One for each tray (fully FireWire 400
  • Capacities to 800GB per removable tray.
  • Supports IDE Drives.
  • Built-in dual hardware RAIDs with highest performance.
  • Two sets of tray modules.
  • Each tray module is able to load 2 IDE hard drives, for a total of 4 hard drives
    within the enclosure.
  • Dual fans for excellent cooling.
  • Dual independent non-redundant power supplies. The failure of either power
    supply will not affect the other RAID.
  • Plug and Play under Windows XP, Linux distributions which support FireWire, and
    Mac OS 10.2.6 or higher.
  • Includes rack mount brackets and ears (can also be used as a standalone
    enclosure without brackets).
  • Dual Power switches on the front of the enclosure.

Pricing and Availability
Description // Order Code // Price // Availability
Enclosure only // RF-0 // $699.95 // Jan. 11, 2005
Four 120GB 72000 RPM // RF-480 // $999.95 // Jan 11, 2005
Four 160GB 72000 RPM // RF-640 // $1,099.95 // Jan 11, 2005
Four 250GB 72000 RPM // RF-1000 // $1,699.95 // Jan 11, 2005
Four 400GB 72000 RPM // RF-1600 // $2,999.95 // Jan 11, 2005
Extra Tray (works only in RackFire) // RF-Tray // $99.95 // Jan. 11, 2005

All RackFire+ include enclosure with 2 removable trays, brackets and ears, cables.

Dealers may purchase WiebeTech products from WiebeTech's distributor, End users may purchase from or End users may also order from, and Government customers are encouraged to purchase from and www.lyme. All configurations are also available directly from