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CRU-DataPort Announces the DataPAK 1U Rackmount Enclosure

Vancouver, WA — May 31, 2010 — Hard drive capacity is growing in size yet data is being generated at an even faster pace. The new DataPAKTM 1U Rackmount enclosures provide high performance storage for digital media management and easy portability of backup data. The DataPAK 1U allows the removal of two hard drives in one rugged carrier for on the fly removal and RAID rebuilds.

DataPAK 1U Rackmount enclosures feature DualPAK™ removable drive carriers which house two 3.5” hard drives making this an ideal solution for disk-to-disk backup users running RAID applications in need of off-site storage. Rugged sheet metal design and anti-vibration shock- absorbent dampers protect the hard drives during operation, removal, transporting, and storage while dual fans provide cooling. The small 1U footprint holds up to 8TB with 3 Gb/s data transfer speeds. DataPAKs are available as a quad interface RAID solution (USB2.0, FW400, FW800, eSATA) or Multilane Point-to-Point SAS/SATA JBOD.

The RAID 10 configuration stripes up to 4 TB of data in one DualPAK carrier which is mirrored to another for added protection. During a backup cycle (either backup to disk or throughout the day incremental "image" backups) all backup data is protected via the "mirrored" carrier. Take a backup offline (or offsite), by simply pulling one carrier while backups continue on the carrier left in the system. Once a new carrier is placed in the rack, "rebuild" starts so the new carrier is identical to the carrier left in the rack -backup can continue during rebuild.

About CRU-DataPort
Founded in 1986, CRU-DataPort is a pioneer in data security and data mobility devices. The company’s flagship DataPort®, along with Data Express® and RhinoJR® (formerly manufactured by StorCase), and WiebeTech product brands of removable and external hard drive enclosures are the de facto standard for physical data security and safe data transporting in government, education and business markets. CRU-DataPort products are also widely used in media rich data environments including audio/video production, digital cinema, video security capture, and disk-2-disk backup and archiving applications. Backed by the industry's leading warranties and connector ratings, CRU-DataPort products are available through major distributors, PC manufacturers, specialty system builders and resellers throughout the world.