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Seize the Data with WiebeTech Forensic Field Kits

Vancouver, WA — June 4, 2010 — WiebeTech, a brand of CRU-DataPort, is pleased to announce the release of two newly-configured Forensic Field Kits. The F3 and F4 Forensic Field Kits are configured to meet the most globally adopted combination of tools used by forensic investigators. By combining WiebeTech write-blockers, media adapters, cables and unique field tools, Forensic Field Kits F3 and F4 fit the demands of digital data acquisition in the field and in the lab. Both kits include the industry-leading Forensic UltraDock, drive adapters, Mr. Tool, Mouse Jiggler, and other accessories all in a durable water-resistant Pelican case. The F4 kit also includes the new bus-powered WiebeTech USB WriteBlocker. Configuration details and a special $150 introductory discount can be found on the F3 & F4 Field Kit web page.

In July 2010, CRU-DataPort will release a free Forensic Software application tool. This application gives users the ability to choose how WiebeTech write-blockers respond to hidden areas (HPA/DCO) found on hard drives. It also provides comprehensive identification data from the suspect hard drive which can be saved to a log file for case reports inclusion. Product announcement and download instructions will be linked on the WiebeTech Home Page. There will be no charge for this upgrade.

CRU-DataPort-WiebeTech will display the new Forensic Field Kits in conjunction with several other removable and mobile data security solutions at the Techno Security conference in Myrtle Beach, SC June 6-9, 2010. For more information, please visit and

Forensic Field Kit F3/F4

About CRU-DataPort
Founded in 2000, WiebeTech focuses on delivering high-performance portable storage solutions for consumer, business and government markets. WiebeTech offers computer forensic devices which are critical tools for criminal and eDiscovery investigators collecting suspect data. CRU-DataPort acquired WiebeTech in 2008, becoming a global leader in data security and data mobility solutions.